Use the Arrow Keys or...
                                          y  k  u   
    With SHIFT to move until you hit       \ | /    
    an obstacle                           h -+- l   
	                                   / | \    
                                          b  j  n   

    m[dir] move onto something without taking it

Command Keys
 s    search
 f    fight
 e[?] eat
 r[?] read a scroll
 P[?] Put on a ring
 M    See previous message
 <    Ascend level
 ]    List armour
 ^    Identify trap
 T    Take off
 w[?] Wield wepon
 z    zap something
 v    version
 /    Identify character
 .    rest

 i               inventory
 F    fight (to the death)
 q[?]        quaff (drink)
 d                    drop
 R           Remove a ring
 >            Decend level
 )            List weapons
 =              List rings
 I         Short Inventory
 W[?]          Wear armour
 c   Call something a name
 t[dir]    Throw something
 Q                    Quit
 ?                    help
 ,         Pick up item at
             your location

Please note that SAVE and RESTORE are not available due to applet security restrictions. Zplet interpreter by Matthew Russotto

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