Linx - Pine Tree Hills


To Select a Club: Choose a club from your bag by clicking and highlighting it from the list of clubs on the menu bar.  The maximum distance the club will hit will be displayed below the list.
To Aim: Either click or drag the ball path line to line it up with the direction you want the ball to be hit. The length of the line is the maximum distance the ball can be hit with the current selected club. After each shot the ball path is automatically set to point in the direction of the shortest path from the ball to the hole.  THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST PATH! Especially over water. Don't forget to make adjustments for the wind. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS PERCISE! Especially when putting.
To Swing: Click the swing button once to start your backswing.  The blue line at the top of the swing arc represents 100% of the maximum distance of the current selected club.  Stopping the backswing before the line means a weaker swing and stopping it after the line means a stronger one, but be careful not to duff!  To stop the back swing click the swing button again and begin your downswing.  The blue line at the bottom of the swing arc represents a perfectly straight shot.  Stopping before the line means a right slice and stopping after the line means a left slice.   Click the swing button again to stop your downswing.
  • Don't use a wood from the rough
  • Don't use anything less than a 9 iron in a sand trap.
  • If you go into the red on your backswing you better hit it dead center coming down.
Codes: Click the code button and enter in one of over a dozen secret codes to unlock special feartures and cheats, after all, it wouldn't be golf if you couldn't cheat.  Here's a couple hints for some of the codes:
  • Do over = 'm u l l _ g a n' (this is a gimme).
  • I can't sleep with the lights on.
  • Pack your bags, we're going on a  '_ _ _ _' .
  • '_ _ _ _ _' for the camera!

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