Try to figure out the sequence of colored pegs!
    Format: Java
  Maze 3D
  Have some time? Try solving a maze.
    Format: Java
  Test your memory by matching the pairs of pictures.
    Format: Java
  An addictive game where you must move the colored boxes into the same
  colored square.
    Format: Java
  Puzz 15
  Arrange the numbers in the correct order with this puzzle game.
    Format: Java
  Rubik Unbound
  A simulation of the Rubik Cube.
    Format: Java
  Rush Hour
  It's that time of day. Maneuver your red beetle to the exit.
    Format: Java
  Same Game
  Double click two or more blocks of the same type that touch horizontally
  or vertically to make them disappear. The more blocks in a group, the
  higher your score when you click!   Format: Java
  Destroy all of the duplicate bombs in a set number of moves.
    Format: Java
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