The "jump over your opponent's pieces" board game.
    Format: Java
  Chinese Checkers
  A board game for 2, 3, 4 or 6 players or computer opponents. The objective
  of the game is to be the first to occupy the star point directly opposite of
  your own.   Format: Java
  You are the mailman, Cliff Clavin, from Cheers! Complete your mail run
  while avoiding the obstacles.
    Format: Java
  Move the colored chips, trying to line them up to 5 or more of the same
    Format: Java
  Connect 4
  Try to arrange four coins in a row. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines
  are valid.
    Format: Java
  Free the gold coins from the ice blocks while avoiding the flames.
  Similar to the 80's strategy game, Pengo.
    Format: Java
  Little ChessPartner
  Play a game of chess against the computer.
    Format: Java
  The classic game of Othello. Supports both single and multiplayer games!
    Format: Java
  Tank Game
  An artillery combat game. Adjust for height and velocity and blow up your
  enemies before they destroy you! Supports multiple opponents.
    Format: Java