100m Dash
  A simple game where you try to race across the finish line as quickly as
    Format: Java
  Blobby Volley
  Play beach volley ball against the computer.
    Format: Java
  Browser Soccer
  Single player soccer game against the computer.
    Format: Java
  Canoe Clobber
  A different kind of fishing. This one involves ramming into the fish.
  No bait required!
    Format: Java
  Carpet Golf 2-D
  Play through a course of miniature golf!
    Format: Java
  Carpet Golf 3-D
  A 3-dimensional miniature golf game with several courses to play.
    Format: Java
  Throw the darts into the center of the target while trying to keep your virtual
  hand still. You can reach a maximum score of 60.
    Format: Java
  Pick a club from your bag and play the Pine Tree Hills golf course.
    Format: Java
  Maniac Racers
  Race through the course ahead of your rivals to win! Or how about just
  slamming into them until they're out of the race instead?
    Format: Java
  Test your skill with this online billiard/pool game!
  Play alone or with a friend.
    Format: Java