Adventure (aka Colossal Cave)
  The java version of the original text adventure game. Explore a vast
  underground, solving puzzles and finding treasure!
    Format: Java
  Collect all the keys on each level to save your girlfriend from
  Peanuts the Clown.
    Format: Java
  A great storm has destroyed the light bulbs in the lighthouse. You must
  venture deep into the caverns below and retrieve fresh bulbs from the
  stores.   Format: Java
  One of the original roleplaying games now playable online. In Rogue,
  your quest is to Find the Amulet of Yendor and return it to level one.
    Format: Java
  Treasure Hunt
  Find and bring all the treasures back to the starting point.
    Format: Java
  You are an out-of-work TV repairman faced with the daunting task of saving
  your town from homicidal robots!
    Format: Java
  Zork: The Cavern of Doom
  Translated from the multiple choice adventure book, guide Bivotar and
  Juranda through a huge underground cavern from which no explorer has
  ever returned!   Format: Java